A little break

Take a deep breath, sit back, close your eyes, relax your mind Its time to listen to the inner YOU Take a break from worrying, close all doors of thoughts for a moment and enjoy the flow of life as it comes, trust me you’ve got just a lifetime and its now! Take a walk […]

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Tomorrow I want you to remember today, Tomorrow I want you to smile when you remember me, That tomorrow might be another today, Or not. Tomorrow my name might be a sweet melody, Tomorrow I might just be a sweet memory, Tomorrow I want you to laugh, Tomorrow I want you to talk about the […]

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Her time

It’s time to be the dumb and pretend not to hear. It’s time to be the stone and pretend not to feel. It’s time to play the blind, not seeing anything. It’s time to loosen the rope. It’s time to face the path Not knowing where it’s leading Just walking head up. Having tried everything […]

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A Thousand Lifetime

I’d choose you over and over again, Knowing we’ve shared a love more than just love. Every second and minute apart, We’ve been stronger in love. With you beside me, it’s been easy, even when the storm blows up on our faces, knowing the troubles and gallops along the way, I’d keep choosing you. You’ve […]

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Her thoughts…

Her mind swirls with the winds of the night, dancing thought filled her head. The sky is filled with words floating and shinning, Glittering like the stars up there. Will she ever get to the bottom of it? Will she ever find the right answers? When will this be done and laughter can be heard […]

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I’ve seen a lot of things clearly, Seen what should have been corrected and how, Seen the loops in the ties, Seen what part needed just a little pull, Seen beyond where I stood, When I should have moved. Seen wrongs and how they could be right, Seen how the most important was left out […]

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Will you?

When the smiles start fading, and I have to force it all out, When the pain becomes so unbearable and tears falls without crying, When all I do is sleep and rest. Will you hold my hand tight, and tell me I’ll be fine. When the road seems lonely at night, And I’m so scared […]

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Shines all through ages Not determined by our own deeds But the force of a Supreme being Who sees us worthy in need. Gently rests its abode on each one But waits quietly for its call. Lights up the heavens, darkness comprehend it not, Glory! Glory! Glory! The light that never dims. It’s brightness, closes […]

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